Happy Birthday To Goner!

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Goner opened on February 29, 2004. We had performances from top local acts Jenny Jeans and Lost Sounds. There was a lot more space, and a lot less records. We had taken over the space from Greg Cartwright's Legba Records store, as he and his family were moving to Asheville, North Carolina. It was a perfect fit. Eric had been doing mail order and the Goner label since 1993, but with the actual storefront Zac and Eric were able to ramp up retail both in the store and through mailorder, and really concentrate on the record label.

The Goner Records Bulletin Board served as an important online gathering place before Myspace, Instagram, and Facebook.

At the start of 2005 we would host the first Gonerfest with King Khan & BBQ Show, King Louie, Black Lips and more. All the pieces were in place that we still have going today.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far! We've got big plans for this year and beyond... stay tuned!


Selling things!

Special Guest shopper Michael Bateman

Bateman at work...


Eric finally made it...

french dude

Classic Goner Shirt!

Lost Sounds' Alicja

Jay holds court

Original 3's Ian + Lost Sounds

In walked Punk Rock Pat...

Zac & Jared

Jennie Jeans

Msr Jeffrey Evans & Suzi Hendrix

Jeff's shoes

Jennie Jeans

Kim & The R&R Nurse

Tyler & Twinkle : Jennie Jeans

Kimble & Kate

Lost Sounds

J9 rocks

Lost Sounds

New Wave Quinn, Johnny Valiant, Scott Rogers

new Lost Sounds bassist Patrick- still shops at Goner!

Rich Lost Sounds

Mike McCarthy


Lacey & Quinn

Yep the Rock n Roll Nurse!

Sam Burnett


Shag Kristen & Nova!

Shag & Jared

Tad gets the ladies...

T Money gets the beatdown...

Jennie Jeans' Twinkle Van Winkle

Tyler & Twinkle

Tyler Keith

Justice & Tyler

Application to sell records was approved!

Record diggin


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