Hurry Up - Dismal Nitch

Hurry Up - Dismal Nitch

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Remember when being in a band was fun?? HURRY UP do! Portland punks are back with their second album and it's a ripper! Limited to 500 copies!

Killer Dead Moon cover, too! WORTHY!

"Portland, Oregon troublemakers Hurry Up are up to it again. They’ve had it up to here - and they’re here to tell you about it. Lauded + feared for their ferocious 2015 self-titled LP, they've only grown bolder and sharper, honing their craft in a radon-soaked basement lit by one bare party bulb.

"Between tours with Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Protomartyr and other luminaries of post-punk firmament, Hurry Up wrote the songs that would become Dismal Nitch. Recorded on the very brink of disaster (late 2019-early 2020), their second album is a cracked crystal ball with fire in its heart.

"Drummer/singer Kathy Foster (Thermals, All Girl Summer Fun Band, Roseblood, Slang), guitarist/singer Westin Glass (Thermals), and bassist/singer Maggie Vail (Bangs) share equal writing and singing duties, conjuring a dark vision of a world whirling with firestorms - social, emotional, political, and literal."

A1 American Weirdos 2:58
A2 You Just Wait 2:39
A3 Oh Screw It 2:08
A4 Toxic Lies 2:14
A5 First In the Western World 3:22
A6 Death Puberty 3:09
A7 Dismal Nitch 4:17
B1 Funhouse 2:08
B2 No! 2:59
B3 Invasive Species 4:00
B4 Can't Anticipate Myself 4:33
B5 Days Of Our Love 4:25
B6 What's Your Name 2:53