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Before you forget about this amazing festival, we would like to thank the people who made this the greatest Gonerfest ever.

Assembling our Broadcast team took months of work - testing and perfecting - and this year the stream was the best yet. Better than many professional outfits. This is due to Brent's work.

Brent got all our equipment up to speed, took over scheduling staff, worked out graphics between bands, worked out graphic overlays, and basically has killed himself for the past 6 months making this work. Brent has an incredible work ethic, cares about his projects, and cares about the people he works with while never sacrificing the quality of the finished broadcast. He brought in legit directors and camerapeople, mixed them with amateurs, and nailed the Goner aesthetic even in high def!
The Gonerfest stream would not happen without Brent.
He is superhuman and we are so lucky to have him running things.

ALEC MCINTIRE did everything. All day, all night.
Stream sound, stream tech, directing, advising, sharing all his expertise in so many areas and never stopping to say- "That's enough. I can coast on that." Just not in his vocabulary. Just not part of his being. Alec won't let you down. If Shrewsbury is superhuman, then Alec is... well, he's superhuman, too. Incredible.

SARA MOSELEY developed the Gonerfest look from illustrations by STACY KIEHL. Sara singlehandedly designed the past two amazing Gonerfest looks.
She created  the enormous skulls (glowing eyes that can change colors!) and lit backstage sign with her own hands, figured out how to transport to the venue, and mount it onstage. WHAT AN AMAZING STAGE! Then there's the merch- the gorilla fan was brilliant! The t-shirts were perfect! Beer cans, lanyards... Sara made all the "extras" essential. She coordinated Gonerfest photographers so that we could capture these special times.
And her social media posts kept eyes on Gonerfest amidst a world of internet.
She is a cherished member of our Goner team.
The best.

COLE WHEELER ran both the merch booth and front door, a huge operation that we really didn't foresee as being much different than in previous years but adding a few hundred people changed guest entrance and merch selling in a big way. Cole got our sold-out crowd into the festival and over to buy band and Goner merch every day. We sold out of all our merchandise, which has never happened. This is due to Sara & Stacy's cool design, Cole's excellent planning, and our volunteers working the front door and merch table every day. Cole was there to set up before doors and ran it all until the bitter end. What a warrior.

DUSTIN CROPS, ANDREW MCCALLA, and EDEN WILBUR worked out the sound, worked the sound, and made the sound work for everyone from a bass drum& fife duo to the Osees full-on two drummer / synth / guitar overload attack. And kept the show on time and kept the bands happy onstage and off.
. We can't stress enough how important the work of these folks is. Unhappy bands do not make for good festivals!

While we all were at the festival,  DANE PERUGINI and BILLUPS ALLEN held down the fort and sold records to all the record-starved maniacs in town... day after day. They needed help but none came. They persevered. We could not have done the festival without their hard, thankless work.

DAN HOLLOWAY dealt with the booking agents. We do not want to deal with booking agents. Thanks, Dan.

These are our friends.

These are not just professionals who come in and execute a job.
They pour their own blood, sweat, tears, and more blood into everything that happens around Gonerfest. They make the festival work while the rest of us hopefully stay out of the way and let it happen.

We owe these people an enormous debt of gratitude and want them to know that we appreciate their incredible work.

We would like for everyone to know that these are the real people who made Gonerfest 20.

They are the best people in the world.





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