When is Gonerfest 19?
- Gonerfest 19 will be September 22-25, 2022 in Memphis, TN

Are There Tickets For Gonerfest 19?
- Golden Pass Tickets are available now!

We will also have a limited amount of tickets for each day available at the door.

What is up with these fees and taxes?
We are charged fees for the ticketing and streaming services.
If you are in Tennessee, you will also be charged taxes on your tickets

What are the COVID Safety Precautions for Gonerfest?
- We take the safety of our guests and our employees, and everyone involved with the festival, very seriously. We want to hold our event as safely as we can. In order to do so, we will be following whatever the current COVID protocols will be at the time of the event. Obviously, we will be updating our policies as the festival gets nearer.

We ask everyone to get vaccinated, boosted, and use safe practices during the fest.

We will keep you updated as the festival gets closer.

Where is the festival going to be held this year?
-We are planning on holding the entire event outside at Railgarten, a large facility able to host all our bands and guests.

Last year's event went great outside in this space. We are looking on tweaks to make this year even better.

Check out their website here.

When will the lineup be announced?
-It's out! All 35 bands are listed over there on the SCHEDULE page.

Where is CIVIC?
We had them booked, but then Visas and such could not be arranged.
We are hoping for next year.

Where should I stay?
- Gonerfest has arranged a special festival rate at the very cool GRAND CENTRAL Hotel downtown-  use this link to get the Gonerfest room rate of $159 a night

Obviously there are other hotels in the area, but you really can't beat this rate for quality hotel rooms, plus you'll be in with a whole buncha other Gonerfesters.

Ask anyone who went last year - great hotel, great buncha folks.

There are also Air BnB's in the Midtown area where the festival is being held, and affordable smaller motels if that's your jam.

Can I Watch On My Computer?
-Yes! We are planning on streaming the event but nothing beats seeing music in person. But if you can't make it, we are trying to bring the fest to you!
Add a streaming ticket to your Golden Pass, or get a standalone streaming ticket here.

More coming... for other questions, email us!


Photo By Brent Shrewsbury
Compiled photo by Eric Big Arm
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