Lou Reed - Live In Italy

Lou Reed - Live In Italy

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Scorching 2LP set with Robert Quine on guitar... long an expensive import!

Side one

"Sweet Jane" (3'46)
"I'm Waiting for My Man" (4'00)
"Martial Law" (4'06)
"Satellite of Love" (5'06)

Side two

"Kill Your Sons" (5'35)
"Betrayed" (3'05)
"Sally Can't Dance" (3'24)
"Waves of Fear" (3'16)
"Average Guy" (2'54)

Side three

"White Light/White Heat" (3'10)
"Some Kinda Love / Sister Ray" (Reed, John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker) (15'30)

Side four

"Walk on the Wild Side" (4'28)
"Heroin" (8'34)
"Rock & Roll" (6'10)