V/A Bloodstains Across the Midwest

V/A Bloodstains Across the Midwest

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16 ESSENTIAL PUNK ROCK BLASTS! Dow Jones & the Industrials, Gizmos, Haskels, Gynecologists, Toxic Reasons, Customs, Crap Detectors, The Five and more! 

Hashtag KBD, Killed By Death, all that jazz!

A1 Dow Jones & Industrials* Can't Stand The Midwest
A2 Haskels* Takin' The City By Storm
A3 Embarrassment* Sex Drive
A4 Gizmos* Human Garbage Disposal
A5 Baloneyheads* I'm A Drunk!
A6 Customs* Long Gone
A7 NNB Slack
B1 Latin Dogs* Killed In Jail
B2 Toxic Reasons War Hero
B3 Gynecologists* Gym Gerrard
B4 Cult Heroes Berlin Wall
B5 Brain Police* I Let Jenny Ride
B6 Mentally Ill Soldier 19
B7 Endtables* Process Of Elimination
B8 Crap Detectors Police State
B9 The Five (3) Death