Tin Foil - 2

Tin Foil - 2

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Hey everybody this is the second Tin Foil album it was finished in 2019 and delayed until 2021. It’s the second tin foil record and it’s better than the first we think I guess and whatever so check it out. We recorded it better and there’s a new drummer and a guest guitarist and yeah so fuckin A. Detroit. Basement. Alcoholics. Maniacs. Everyone thinks we’re crazy. Blah blah blah blah blah. This is the album blurb band thing. Hopefully the next record is better. Everythings weird. This is for you. Check it out second record here ya go. yada yada yada.

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A1 Thin Ties
A2 Bored Games
A3 Wax And Hash
A4 Power Pointer
A5 Into The Fish
B1 Sarah Left
B2 Fuck Heads
B3 Dumb Road
B4 Loiter
B5 Mutated Beets