The Limit - My World At Night / Please Please Me 7"

The Limit - My World At Night / Please Please Me 7"

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Excellence in Powerpop / Poppy Punk reissued by Reminder Records!


Thatcher was in power, and we were young but everything was dusted with grey. It wasn’t quite “No Future” though, there were still dreams to be chased. Making music was the best thing to do, and for us, a bunch of 17-year-olds from London’s Camden Town, it seemed to open doors….To people, to creativity, and to a sense of relevance.”

119 seconds of original pubescent pure pop/punk brilliance and on the flip, a 1.5x take of one of the Fabs earliest party ravers. 

Produced by John Springate of The Glitter Band and issued on Private Stock in 1978, The Limit and their lone single will fit smashingly alongside the likes of the Wasps, Seventeen and the Studio Sweethearts in your alternate 1979 Top Of The Pops charts.