Sunn O))) - Kannon

Sunn O))) - Kannon

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Kannon is an album which was composed in the aftershadow of SUNN O)))’s most recent successes in immersive collaboration (the group worked with Scott Walker on Soused, Ulver on Terrestrials in 2013 and 2014) and also from the broad and influential wake of their epitimous Monolith’s & Dimensions . Kannon emerged both independently as a conceptual entity and with roots in the legacies of those projects, yet was fully realised years later, in 2015. The album is 36 minutes in length and consists of three pieces of a triadic whole : Kannon 1, 2 and 3.

The album celebrates many SUNN O))) traditions ; Kannon was recorded and mixed with SUNN O)))’s close colleague and coproducer Randall Dunn in Seattle, in Studio Litho, Aleph and Avast! ; and the LP includes performances by long term allies and collaborators Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi, Rex Ritter, Steve Moore and others. And at the core the composition centers around the dynamic and intense guitar and bass interplay of SUNN O)))’s founders : Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson.

It’s possibly the most figurative album SUNN O))) has created, which is unusual as they usually dwell in layers of... more
released December 4, 2015

Produced in 2015 by SUNN O))) (Stephen O’Malley & Greg Anderson) with Randall Dunn
Kannon 1, 2, 3 written & arranged by SUNN O))), Lyrics by Attila Csihar

Stephen O’Malley - Guitar // Greg Anderson - Bass Guitar, Guitar (K2, K3) // Attila Csihar - Voice

with // Oren Ambarchi - Guitar, Oscillator (K1 & K2) / Randall Dunn - Korg MS 20 (K1 & K2) / Steve Moore - Juno 106 (K2)
Brad Mowen - Concert Bass Drum (K2) / Rex Ritter - Moog (K2) / Conch trio : Dempster, Priester & Moore

Recorded at studio Litho, Avast! and Aleph, Seattle by Randall Dunn, Mixed at Avast! by Randall Dunn
Assistant recording engineer at Litho : Mell Dettmer / Mastered by Jason Ward at CMS

SUNN O))) art direction : Stephen O’Malley
Cover sculpture, interior “comets” & title typography Angela Bolliger at Lafont London / Cover photographed by Robyn Vickers / «KANNON/CANON» text by Aliza Shvarts
Band portraits by Estelle Hanania / Detail from mural Vita at the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum, Oslo © Emanuel Vigeland Museum / ARS 2015

Greg Anderson would like to thank my brothers in Goatsnake, the Southern Lord staff, my amazing wife Jennifer, and our children : Thora River, Orson Ballard, & Nolan Mountain.

SOMA thanks : our valve guru Tos Nieuwenhuizen. Gisèle Vienne & DACM. PITA. Aliza Shvarts, Angela Bolliger and Estelle Hanania for thier generous efforts toward helping us realize this album concept. Chris Fullard. Tadashi Hamada. Helge Sten & Yvonne Thompson. Our agents Vincent Royers & David Strunk. Hail to the Russian SUNN O))) hordes.

Attila thanx : Sirius, A.C., Dee Alien, Arion, Julia and my family, and the SUNN O))) die hards. Special thanx to Sennheiser Canada and Roland East EU.

SUNN O))) is supported by the Fog, Smoke & Haze Factory GmbH Langenhagen/Hannover