Strapping Fieldhands - Across the Susquehanna

Strapping Fieldhands - Across the Susquehanna

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New from "Philadelphia's ORIGINAL purveyors of FRACTURED PSYCHEDELIC SHANTY ROCK" (from Lp hype sticker) ... and can't agree more!

Have loved the Strapping Fieldhands from their first 45s... they seemed out-of-time (as in not in their own era) then and they have made no headway back to the present time since!

Every album has had completely brilliant turns, and is worthy of your time and dollars. Check it out!



From the label (again):

Fourteen brand new instant classics from Philadelphia’s original purveyors of fractured psychedelic shanty rock. Pared down to the original duo & every bit as potent they were in the days of The Demiurge, Bob Malloy and Bob Dickie assembled Across the Susquehanna in their private isolations in the year 2020 -- literally traversing the mighty Susquehanna River via the ether as they crafted the album. What they’ve come up with is yet another in the deep canon of Fieldhands classics, an album of uneasy lullabies rich with Barrett-damaged melodies, spare arrangements as likely to feature a horn section as an overdriven strat, and Malloy’s ever evolving vision of a timeless pastoral psychedelia. To those who have been following the Fieldhands from the beginning, this new one will prove an essential piece of the intricate puzzle. To those searching for an entrance into this hidden world, the way in is Across the Susquehanna.
releases July 16, 2021

Written, recorded, & mixed by Bob Malloy & Bob Dickie
Mastered by Mikey Young