Spodee Boy - Rides Again 7" ep
Goodbye Boozy

Spodee Boy - Rides Again 7" ep

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Connor killing it in North Memphis!

Goodbye Boozy says:

Nashville TN's only real punk provocateur steps into the light of 2021 
and lets loose from his basement 4 american gothic reverb blasts that 
abely illustrate Spod spent the bulk of the pandemic mainlining Gun Club and Scratch Acid records
and perfecting a broken throated howl not unlike John Brannon yowling Blue Moon 
from the David Ruffin suite down at the Wayne County lock up. 
I don't want to call this garage rock, lest it be tainted by images of white belts and 
framed Incredible Melting Man posters... but the energy here is born of the same way you 
felt the first time you heard a Back From the Grave record or the Cheater Slicks honkin on Motherload. 
In short, this record has real punk chops from when it was still rock n roll but Kim Salmon aint kicking it outta the Swamp either.

 This shit rules, and is essential.. punks take heed.” -  by Ben Swank 

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