Sham 69 - On The Run

Sham 69 - On The Run

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TMOQ-style fan club comp of their best tracks?

A1 They Don't Understand
A2 George Davis Is Innocent
A3 Borstal Breakout
A4 Freeman
A5 I'm On The Run
A6 Poor Cow
A7 So Long To Find Out
B1 Susie
B2 Someone's Gonna Help Me
B3 I'm A Man
B4 Money Don't Make It Right
B5 The Game
B6 I'm On The Run 2
B7 Broken Dreams

Hype says: Bootleg compilation. Photocopied artwork pasted to generic black sleeve. Two cover variants exist.

Distro hype: "A killer collection of rare and unreleased tracks from the great Sham 69. Some for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 200 copies with two different covers."