Scraepers Papers - Spiritual Favorites

Scraepers Papers - Spiritual Favorites

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Experimental Psych/punk from Mobile, Alabama. 

1st LP. 


A1 Mr. Papers 0:53
A2 I Got A Secret 1:39
A3 Cousin Nolan 2:17
A4 Valencia 1:16
A5 Backyard Golem 1:02
A6 Daddy Don't Dance 2:00
A7 Lips and Peckers 3:18
A8 Nature 1:35
A9 George n Bud Wiser 2:11
A10 Requiem Canis 3:05
B1 Papers Speech 1:35
B2 Mr. Papers Has A Laugh 1:11
B3 Piglorkis 1:14
B4 Sin 2:15
B5 Wahrheit 1:04
B6 Blessed and Highly Favored 3:37
B7 Daughter 2:11
B8 Puffing On My Chillum 3:25