Punkhouse In The Deep South by Aaron Cometbus & Scott Satterwhite

Punkhouse In The Deep South by Aaron Cometbus & Scott Satterwhite

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Latest from the great Aaron Cometbus! One of the best writers of our generation.

Told in personal interviews, this is the collective story of a punk community in an unlikely town and region, a hub of radical counterculture that drew artists and musicians from throughout the conservative South and earned national renown.

154 pages, squarebound paperback.

“This beautifully crafted page-turner presents the outsider history of a thriving southern punkhouse where military brats, rocker chefs, queerdoe artists, revivified veterans, a newborn, and a rotating pack of dogs lived nearly cash-free in a filthy and vibrant wonderland they made imperfectly together.”―Anna Joy Springer, author of The Vicious Red Relic, Love

A Punkhouse in the Deep South is a ray of light from a completely unexpected direction: a lucid, humble, sweet-natured account of building a small DIY utopia that would continue to flourish for more than 25 years in ostensibly hostile terrain. Its success may not be replicable, but that it happened at all is cause for wonder.”―Luc Sante, author of Low Life: Lures and Snares of Old New York

“The first punk oral history to illuminate a chronically undervalued context for southern misfit life: that it thrives because of its relationship to its community, not despite it.”―Nate Powell, artist of the March trilogy

“This book celebrates the punks who do the grunt work to build places where they can conspire to make a better way of life. It is an essential contribution to the history of music, counterculture, and cities.”―James Tracy, coauthor of Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power: Community Organizing in Radical Times