MOTHRA - Original Soundtrack by Yuji Koseki

MOTHRA - Original Soundtrack by Yuji Koseki

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Amazing eerie soundtrack from MOTHRA!

With the great PEANUTS singing to the great moth on a bunch of tracks!

From Dangerous Minds
In the early Mothra films, the Shōbijin were portrayed by The Peanuts, identical twin Japanese pop stars Emi and Yumi Ito. Because their voices were so very, very similar, when they sang together there was a natural sort of “reverb” effect to their harmonies. They recorded an English album with covers of “California Dreamin” and “Proud Mary.” They were also featured on The Ed Sulivan Show.

Side A
1 Overture
2 Main Title
3 Infant Island
4 The Miraculous Survivors
5 The Research Team Departure
6 Finding The Large Jungle
7 Cave Inscription
8 Telepathy Music I
9 Telepathy Music II
10 Telepathy Music III
11 The Natives Emerge
12 Telepathy Music IV
13 The Research Team Returns
14 Nelson On Infant Island
15 Telepathy Music V
Side B
16 The Egg Appears
17 The Secret Fairies Show
18 The Show Begins
19 Telepathy Music VII
20 Mothra's Song
21 Prayer From Infant Island
22 Captive Fairies I
PerformerThe Peanuts
23 Telepathy Music VIII
24 The Birth Of Mothra
Side C
25 The Infant Girl
Music By, Lyrics BySusumu Ike
PerformerThe Peanuts
26 The Orion Maru Tragedy
27 Telepathy Music IX
28 Mothra In The Sea
29 The Mothra Annihilation Strategy
30 Captive Fairies II
PerformerThe Peanuts
31 Captive Fairies III
32 The Third Dam Collapses
33 Telepathy Music X
34 Mothra Advances I
35 Mothra Advances II
Side D
36 Mothra And Tokyo Tower
37 Mothra's Threads
38 Mothra's Cocoon
39 Atomic Heat Ray Gun
40 Imago Mothra Emerges
PerformerThe Peanuts
41 Mothra Takes Flights
42 Nelson's Death
43 Newkirk City Bell I
44 Newkirk City Bell II
45 Telepathy Music XI
46 Ending
PerformerThe Peanuts