Mars -  Rehearsal Tapes & Alt Takes NYC 1976-78 3XLP

Mars - Rehearsal Tapes & Alt Takes NYC 1976-78 3XLP

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FOR THE COLLECTOR... and MARS is as great a thing to collect as any!

Black Vinyl.

First digital edition of the 3 cassette box (Anomia 2012) remastered, including 3 unreleased bonus tracks and a hi-res copy of the Dan Asher contact sheet used on the cover. The rehearsal tapes are a chronological record of the 3 years of Mars' existence, the first year of which was spent forming our sound and musical identity, starting out with a lineup of upright piano, bass, acoustic guitar and percussion before going electric with guitars, bass and drums. On track 4 are outtakes and rough mixes from the No New York sessions produced by Brian Eno. We've retained the format of the tape collection, each track being one cassette side. 2 hours of Mars madness.

From the original liner notes: Connie (China) Burg and I met Sumner Crane and Nancy Arlen in late 1975, and quickly decided to start a band. Connie picked up a guitar and we started jamming in Nancy’s loft on Broadway and Duane St. Our biggest rock influence at the time was Velvet Underground so we started jamming on some of their songs till we found our own. Tape one begins with Sumner alone playing over a Sweet Jane riff with his own blues styled fills, then goes onto Pale Blue Eyes, the first song Connie would sing. Our first original song with Sumner’s lyrics was Cry, also the only song to make the transition from our acoustic to electric lineup... (complete notes with purchase)

Sumner Crane - piano, guitar, bass, vocals
China Burg - guitar, vocals
Mark Cunningham - bass, guitar, vocals
Nancy Arlen - drums, vocals
Track 1 - Sumner piano solo, Pale Blue Eyes, Cry, Leather Jacket (+Jody Harris on guitar)
Track 2 - Look at You, Son of Sam (Crazy Like You), Cry, 3E, Plane Separation, Cats, Don't be so Sensitive
Track 3 - 11000 volts (2 versions), Cats, 3E, 11000 Volts Jam
Track 4 - Helen Fordsdale, Puerto Rican Ghost (4 takes) Hairwaves (continuous takes) Tunnel
Track 5 - RTMT, Cairo (2 versions) Scorn, Tunnel, Hairwaves, Untitled
Track 6 - NN End, Scorn, Monopoly (2 versions), Immediate Stages of The Erotic
Bonus Tracks - Pale Blue Eyes (Sumner vocal), I Can't Feel It (never recorded or released live) and a recently discovered No New York killer Outtake of Helen Fordsdale, with even more extreme guitar work than the original.
Compiled and Mastered by Mark Cunningham 2012, 2021