Graceland Too Revisited book - Photography by Darrin Devault and Tom Graves

Graceland Too Revisited book - Photography by Darrin Devault and Tom Graves

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Fine documentation of a specific foci of Elvis Madness... GRACELAND TOO in Holly Springs, MS. If you know, you know. If you don't, read up!

RIP Paul MacLeod.

71 pages of photos


Graceland Too, including its Elvis-obsessed owner, was a collective
and organic piece of Deep South folk art. Paul B. MacLeod was the
eccentric dreamer who kept his Elvis attraction open to the public
round-the-clock and year-round from 1990 until his sudden death in
2014. The location of these unforgettable curiosities was 200 E.
Gholson Avenue in Holly Springs, Miss.

Darrin Devault and Tom Graves have captured a series of images from
the infamous roadside attraction in this photography book. Some of the
items they photographed were rare (early Sun and RCA vinyl records),
some made in China (velvet paintings and assorted bric-a-brac), and
some handmade (an over-the-top "Jailhouse Rock" inspired electric

"Paul MacLeod and Graceland Too were one of the great roadside
attractions, and for the price of five dollars you were taken into
Paul's world, a world dominated by Elvis Presley," Graves said. "From
a visitor's point of view the arrangement of all the Elvis items may
have seemed chaotic. But in Paul's world, in Paul's logic, it made
perfect sense. In our book we try to help it make sense to everyone."

Graceland Too is now gone.  It is largely a memory.  The gates have been closed, the windows shuttered, the building likely to be razed to make way for something more profitable but not likely to be anywhere near as interesting.  The contents of Graceland Too were all sold to a single buyer at an auction where dozens of potential buyers were left in the cold along with their dreams of buying pieces, artifacts of the unusual attraction.  The book Graceland Too Revisited remains the historical photographic record of a place and time never to be repeated.