Estrus - Shovelin The Shit Since '87 book HARDCOVER

Estrus - Shovelin The Shit Since '87 book HARDCOVER

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MASSIVE full-color and fully radical document of the ESTRUS / Garageshock phenomenom... including Oblivians, Impala, Mummies, Tim Kerr, and the other stars of our scene!

256 Pages
9 x 1 x 11.75 inches - BIG!
Over 3 1/2 pounds!

Pub says

Estrus: Shovelin’ The Shit Since ’87 is the complete, as-yet-untold story of US garage rock powerhouse Estrus Records, which for nearly two decades churned out hundreds of releases from some of the biggest garage, trash, surf, and punk bands worldwide, among them The Makers, The Mummies, Man . . . or Astroman?, and label head honcho Dave Crider’s drunk/punk quartet The Mono Men.

Shovelin’ charts the label’s highs and lows – from its highly successful hosting of the annual Garageshock, arguably the greatest series of garage rock “festivals," to the devastating loss of its warehouse in a fire. Estrus is one of the few record labels whose cover art and other graphics match the brilliance of its music, thanks to the contributions of trash-culture visionary Art Chantry. Packed with iconic visuals the book draws on lively, extensive interviews, never-seen-before archival photos, oddball artifacts, and more, to give a fascinating insight into the major players behind one of garage rock's most influential and successful independent record labels.