Celluloid Lunch #6

Celluloid Lunch #6

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Interview with Chris Burns, legendary Montreal Guitarist for groups Terminal Sunglasses, Bubblegum Army (featured on this issues appended Flexi Disc!), Johnny Suckup and the Brownie Points, Slap Happy 5, American Devices and more.

Interviews with Portland's post-plunkers Collate by returning contributor Erin O'Hare, psycho-jazzers Crazy Doberman by new contributor Richie Charles, destructo-rockers Sex Tide and bedroom-wizard Silicone Prairie by yours truly, ultra-legend Kid Congo Powers by returning contributor Ryan Leach and mountain-mavericks Leopardo by Feel It rex Exec Sam Richardson!

Also, a mix tape by The Pink Noise's Graeme Langdon, (who also ran montreal's esteemed Psychic Handshake records), Musings on some choice psych folk obscuros and a billion reviews!