Big Boy Pete - The Cosmic Genius Of...

Big Boy Pete - The Cosmic Genius Of...

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Like an English Kim Fowley produced by Joe Meek or a one-man Barrett-era Pink Floyd, Big Boy Pete is the unsung hero of the sixties. This mysterious British guitarist (real name Pete Miller) cut some oddball non-hits in the '60s that have amassed quite a reputation among psychedelic collectors, like "Baby I Got News for You," a Troggsish number with wads of fuzzy guitar, backed by Peter Frampton and members of the Herd, or "Cold Turkey" with its eerie blasts of spaceship-elevator psychedelic guitars and biting mod-psych vocals, later covered by the Damned (under the guise of Naz Nomad & the Nightmares), before relocating to San Francisco to work as a producer and engineer, occasionally releasing albums on tiny labels. This first ever vinyl compilation features his best '60s stuff on one side and seven unreleased gems from the '70s on the other -- ranging from wild and fuzzy garage to psych pop and freaky country-rock! Includes a psychedelic color inner cover with lyrics and text.

Side One: The Sixties

A1 Cold Turkey 2:51
A2 Baby I Got News For You 2:58
A3 Knit Me A Kiss 3:38
A4 Paranoia 3:47
A5 Nasty Nazi 3:19
A6 My Love Is Like A Spaceship 2:34
A7 Me 2:15

Side Two: Seventies Unreleased Songs
B1 Tic Tac Toe 2:21
B2 The Blowjob Song 3:18
B3 Pollination Blues 3:23
B4 Soi Eighteen 4:42
B5 Washington 4:27
B6 Never Said I Loved You 2:54
B7 Message To The A&R Man 0:43