AJJ - Good Luck Everybody

AJJ - Good Luck Everybody

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Ben Gallaty and I have pieced together an album that is reflective of our times. It’s pessimistic and sad, with small pockets of love and grace. It’s bitter. And funny. And scary, like a scroll through your endless feed. Showing you everything all at once, whether you were prepared to see it or not. I don’t particularly enjoy writing topical, political songs, but I have no control over what I write. We can only hope that this material will be dated next year and AJJ can move on to worthier subjects. I really hate explaining myself, but since I think it’s important I’ll make the theme of this album explicit: Basic human connection is the path to our collective return to sanity. We are very proud of this one and hope you enjoy it.

-Sean Bonnette


released January 17, 2020


Sean Bonnette, Preston Bryant, Dylan Cook, Kimya Dawson, Owen Evans, Ben Gallaty, Mark Glick, Thor Harris, Sophie McTear, Jeff Rosenstock, Laura Stevenson

The Tucson Singers: Nirantha Balagopal, William Barnes, Amanda Beekhuizen, Arthur Beekhuizen, Nic Cogdall, Dylan Cook, Michael DeSantis, Jeik Ficker, Ben Gallaty, Sylvia Gallaty, Antonia Garcia, Mark Glick, Ashley Gomez, Logan Greene, Tony Kuchar, Dimitri Manos, Sophie McTear, Ryan Stephenson, Christine Rose Weir

Mixed by jalipaz at audioconfusion in Mesa, AZ. Mastered by Kim Rosen at Knack Mastering in Ringwood, NJ.

The song No Justice, No Peace, No Hope and lead vocals on A Poem, Feedbag, Mega Guillotine 2020, Loudmouth, Psychic Warfare and A Big Day for Grimley were recorded by Craig Schumacher at Wavelab in Tucson AZ. Mega Guillotine was recorded by Gabriel Sullivan at Dust & Stone in Tucson, AZ. Thanks to the players who recorded their parts at home.

Artwork by Nate Powell

Thanks to Bill Skibbe for loaning us some exceptional recording equipment and to Scott Marceau at Yamaha Guitars.

Produced and recorded by Sean and Ben in Tucson.