Record Store Day Drop #2
We initially planned to sell to Memphis folks only via the website on September 26. However, under the rules for Record Store Day this is not allowed.

So- we have changed plans.

We will be open for IN PERSON SHOPPING from 9am til Noon on Saturday, September 26. We follow the same rules as our friends at Shangri-la Records. Please follow these guidelines:

Remember- each shopper may buy one copy per release. No holds. We won't have everything, but we will have a wide selection from different artist and genres.

For those who wish to visit the shop, you will be able to line up outside on the sidewalk that will have spots marked 6 feet apart. It is IMPERATIVE that you stay on the demarcated space as we let 1 customer (plus anyone with whom that customer cohabitates) in the store to shop at a time beginning at 9 am.

Please be respectful of our neighbors, as we will be stretched down the block.

Each shopper will have an individual time of 10 minutes to shop the RSD bins, make selections, and check out. After that, the next customer enters and it will continue in that fashion until Noon.

After Noon, all the RSD merchandise will be available for online sales from everywhere around the globe.

We require all customers to wear a mask at all times while in line and while in the store. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please use the hand sanitizer provided. It should also go without saying, but if you have any symptoms of ANY illness, do not come to the shop. If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 symptoms within two weeks of August 29, then do not come to the shop. We take this extremely seriously and will not hesitate to decline to let in anyone who does not abide by our policies. Additionally, there will not be public restroom facilities, so plan accordingly before you come to the shop.

We really look forward to getting these special releases into your hands and as always, we appreciate you making a commitment to shop locally with us.

Thank you for supporting your local record stores! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 26 starting at 9am!