When is Gonerfest 20?
- Gonerfest 20 will run from Thursday September 28 through Sunday October 1, 2023 in Memphis, TN. Bands begin Thursday afternoon around 5, and run through 6PM on Sunday.

There is a Dance Party later Sunday evening.

Plan on getting here early and staying til Monday if you can!

Where will Gonerfest 20 be held?
- Once again we are having Gonerfest at Railgarten in Midtown Memphis. This is an outside venue that has worked perfectly for us for our past two festivals. We're working on making this venue even better for Gonerfest 20.

Are There Tickets For Gonerfest 20?
- Golden Pass Tickets have sold out.
- Daily Tickets have sold out.

Is Gonerfest 20 All Ages?
- Yes! Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

What Bands Are Playing Gonerfest 20?
-The Mummies, Osees, The Gories, Marked Men, Chubby & the Gang, Sweeping Promises, Ibex Clone, CIVIC, Exbats, The Cool Jerks, Bill Orcutt / Chris Corsano, The Courettes, C.O.F.F.I.N, Alien Nosejob, Dippers, Virvon Varvon, Cheater Slicks, Lewsberg, 1-800-Mikey, TV Repairmann, Vintage Crop, The Smog, Laundry Bats and more to be announced!

How Can I Hear These Bands?
-Listen to the Gonerfest 20 Playlist: SPOTIFY / BNDCMPR

Is There A Hotel Deal for Gonerfest 20?
- We have again arranged a discount through the Central Station hotel, a Hilton Property.  See our Gonerfest  20 Hotel Info page for more.

Who Did The Killer Artwork for Gonerfest 20?
- Stacy Kiehl and Sara Moseley are doing the art!

What About Afterparties?
- Because Gonerfest is held outside in a residential neighborhood, we have to end the show at 11pm each night. Afterparties will happen after that at various venues across Memphis. We don't have anything to do with the afterparties and these shows require separate admission from Gonerfest.

What is Gonerfest?
- Gonerfest is Goner's premiere festival, where exciting music from Memphis and around the world collides in four days of non-stop action, drawing fans from across the US and around the globe. 25+ bands playing, with afterparties providing even more action.

Our 20th edition will have exclusive extras- if you've never been to Gonerfest, this is one not to miss. If you have been to one or more, this is one to return for!

More details soon!

For other questions, email us!





Questions? email us!