Yesse Yavis - Never Let My Love Fall Down

Yesse Yavis - Never Let My Love Fall Down

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Pinning down Jesse James Davis to any singular musical concept or entity would be an exercise in futility. One of the busiest musicians in Memphis over the last few years, Davis has both a vocal and aesthetic range that allows him to extend himself where others might begin to shrink. You can hear it in the doo-wop vocal stylings laid over power pop melodies, psych soul wailings over a bed of rock n’ roll, or soaring along with a southern mud boogie - there’s a gumbo of aural flavors that melds together when stirred just right. From a growing body of solo work as Yesse Yavis, to the recent debut of Model Zero (Slovenly), and a menagerie of side trips/projects, Davis has developed into a formidable artist with a long arc ahead.

The latest release under the Yesse Yavis moniker comes as the debut on Misspent Records. “Never Let My Love Fall Down” and “Deep Blue Sea” reveal the breadth of emotional and musical ground that Yesse Yavis are capable of covering. The former finds a protagonist seeking to assure the object of affection that the aim is true, amidst swirls of doubt. Wistful, but resigned, the doo-wop tinged harmonies reveal a hopeful longing that separation often brings . By contrast, “Deep Blue Sea” comes as a straight ahead rocker, with a swagger and energy aplenty carried by a driving riff and insistent drum beat. With its burning attitude, it serves as a perfect emotional (and literal) B side for this 7” single.

Produced in tandem with Keith Cooper (Jack Oblivion, Model Zero, Aquarian Blood) and Andrew McCalla (a Memphis favorite who has recorded Spider Bags, Nots, Wes Coleman and so many others), the sessions took place at The Ballroom studio in Memphis. “There was a place in Memphis called the Poplar Lounge. I grew up going there when my dad would play shows,” recalls Jesse. “It was once home to the stars, then it was the cocaine capital of Memphis, now it’s the Rock House. We recorded this in its garage.” Both tracks feature Keith Cooper on guitar, Coltrane Duckworth (Wrangler Tires, Aquarian Blood, Crystral Shrine) on bass, Ben Bauermeister (Optic Sink, Magic Kids, Toxie) on drums, with backing vocals from Jesse’s aforementioned father, Jimmy Davis (founding member of the Riverbluff Clan in the ‘70s) and another frequent collaborator, Michaela Caitlin (lead vocalist of Rosey).

"Never Let My Love Fall Down" (Davis)

Jesse James Davis (vox, guitar), Keith Cooper (guitar), Coltrane Duckworth (bass), Ben Bauermeister (drums), Michaela Caitlin, Jimmy Davis (backing vox), Seth Moody (keys)

"Deep Blue Sea" (Davis)

Jesse James Davis (vox, guitar), Keith Cooper (guitar), Coltrane Duckworth (bass), Ben Bauermeister (drums), Michaela Caitlin, Jimmy Davis (backing vox)

Recorded by Andrew McCalla, The Ballroom

Produced by Andrew McCalla, Jesse James Davis, & Keith Cooper

Mastered by Leo Goff III