Wash House - The Long Road Out CASSETTE

Wash House - The Long Road Out CASSETTE

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The Long Road Out is a limited edition tape release by Tasmanian artists Wash House. Comprised of two of Tasmania’s most revered guitarists, Wash House is a recent collaboration between Tim Evans (Sea Scouts, Degreaser, Mouth, Bird Blobs) and Aldous Kelly (Stickmen). Mostly instrumental, The Long Road Out features acoustic instrumentation and reunites Evans and Kelly for the first time since the late 90’s. Like John Fahey and Robbie Basho riding the last bus out of the midlands, Evans and Kelly craft pastoral and cinematic scenes. Bus window, drive-by music. Winding down from the hills of a uniquely Tasmanian environment.
Tim Evans’ guitar playing has evolved from the blistering feedback squalls of Mouth and Sea Scouts through the 1990’s to the jazz and Beefheartian blues of Bird Blobs and into the wild psychedelics of Degreaser and Bogan Dust. In recent years the New York based artist has become highly adept at finger picking, penning a couple of solo albums of pensive folk. Wash House is a continuation of that arc.

Aldous Kelly’s guitar playing is just as unique and uncompromising as Evans. His band The Stickmen carved the heart out of many a night in Hobart pushing deep into the 1990’s. The Stickmen released two incredible albums later reissued on Homeless Records and a compilation released here on Solar/Sonar and were asked to reform by All Tomorrow’s Parties for a final performance in 2013. Dance music for punks, The Stickmen would wind into a set and never stop, stretching and folding their songs into an elastic trip and Kelly’s surging riffs, rapid and unwinding, still echo in his choices here.

The Long Road Out was recorded quickly over a couple of sessions in Autumn 2019 after both men returned to Hobart after years away and now 12 months on finds a release in the new world.

The Long Road Out is out on Sept 11th through Solar/Sonar Records on limited edition cassette and digital.
released September 10, 2020