V/A - Texas Soul '69 LP RSD

V/A - Texas Soul '69 LP RSD

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Limited 500 copies.

And so we reach the end of the 60s in our highly regarded series of LPs highlighting Texas Soul and R&B, and as ever, the emphasis is on hard-hitting dance tracks, sprinkled with some of the deepest ballads. There are not so many big name stars this time around, but the strength of Texas Soul is such that the lesser-known artists can more than hold their own against any competition. This is Texas ‘69 at its very best from strutting southern funk to deep, deep Soul.

Side 1. Stuff - Jeanette Williams 2. I Ain't Gonna Take It - Johnny Copeland 3. I Met My Guy - Heti Lloyd 4. (Gimme Back) My Love - Paulette Parker 5. It's All Over - John Roberts 6. Let Me Hear It From You - Chuck McLean 7. I Don't Want To Beg - Shirley Butler.

Side 2 1. The Cat - Calvin Owens & The Fascinators 2. My Prayer - Benny Harper 3. Everything About You - James Taylor 4. Mr Independent - Soul Twins 5. Must Be Love - Eddie Wilson 6. Find A Man That Satisfies - Luvenia Lewis 7. Sweet Daddy Soul - Lamp Sisters