Reading Is Tight book by Jeff Mahannah

Reading Is Tight book by Jeff Mahannah

Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

500 copies only! 
7" by 7" over 200 pages of sweet debauchery!

One pound of filth from the Instagram sensation!

"I mean I love Jeff’s stuff but who knew people were so fascinated with seeing inanimate objects impregnated" - Rich Evans, Total Punk.


We had a heck of a time getting this printed, people!


From the artist that brought you the amazing images of Gonerfest 18 comes “Reading is Tight” - the spellbinding first book of debaucherous drawings by Jeff Mahannah.

You’re not gonna want to sleep on this one folks! Controversial, hilarious, and subversive - Jeff’s drawings bring with them the promise of heart palpitations and reanimation. Perfect for the coffee table at your grandparents house, some light reading in the emergency room, or your mother’s book club! Reading is Tight will not disappoint. 

Let's hear from Jeff Mahannah himself. "Too hot for instagram but perfect in a book! The community guidelines of Goner Records mesh much better with me than the community guidelines of instagram. My account will forever be at risk of being deleted but this beautiful book will live on. Reading is Tight. Give that phone a rest." Oh yeah! That's the good stuff.

Tennessee Williams said, "I suspect that a good many people will read this book, without once suspecting that it contains a mirror of what is most terrifying and cryptic within the Sahara of moral nihilism, into which the race of man now seems to be wandering blindly.” Alright, maybe not about this book... but definitely not NOT about this book! How's that for insight??  

But hey, act quick, there's only 500 of these suckers. And judging by Jeff's galacticly expanding IG fanbase they'll be gone before you can say, "Tim Allen's a drug dealer."