Pull Down The Shades: NZ Garage Fanzine 1984-86 book by Richard Langston [Hozac]

Pull Down The Shades: NZ Garage Fanzine 1984-86 book by Richard Langston [Hozac]

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Tales From The New Zealand Music Underground!


The incredible sound of New Zealand from Flying Nun Records and Xpressway in the 1980s-90s is the stuff of legend.

With the chapter heading "ALEX CHILTON PISSED IN OUR DRESSING ROOM" for your Memphis connection!

282 pages
1st softcover EDITION of 500 copies

This book is no outbreak of nostalgia. I still listen to this music the way I started listening to it 40 years ago. It still sounds vital to me. The musicians have kept evolving. That’s why I’ve continued to interview them across the decades. The fact this Garage book stretches back to the mid-1980s and includes the original six issues of the fanzine is about the coolest thing I could ever have wished to happen. We wrote it for once reason – so it would lead people to listen to the music.”
                 – Richard Langston, March 2023, Wellington, Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Hozac Books proudly presents Pull Down The Shades: Richard Langston’s ultra-obscure fanzine GARAGE, compiling the original six issues from 1984-86 at long last, in book form. Including new interviews and essays from the NZ underground’s luminaries among the likes of Alec Bathgate, David Kilgour, Roy Montgomery, Shayne Carter, Bill Direen, George Henderson, Francisca Griffin, Ronnie van Hout, Chris Heazlewood, Peter Jefferies, Stephen Cogle, Hamish Kilgour, Tom Lax, Stuart Page, Martin Phillipps, Bruce Russell, John Halvorsen, Dean Allen, Robert Scott, Brian Turner, Gary Olson, David Swift, Roger Shepherd, and don’t forget those incredible photos of The Clean from Carol Tippet, as well as Langston's incredible collection of posters, records, and ephemera, it's an overwhelming blast of NZ heaven that will go perfectly alongside your copy of Needles & Plastic by Matthew Goody.