Geld - Beyond the Floor

Geld - Beyond the Floor

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Iron Lung says....

"Across 10 songs and a handful of instrumentals, Melbourne's GELD demonstrate a concerted progression from their previous work; raging incendiary hardcore collides with nightmarish bad trip wanderings in a swirling maelstrom of tightly marshaled chaos. The fast parts are faster, the slow parts slower, the weird parts weirder. The vicious thrashing punk of songs like "Invader" and "Infra" come in at a little over a minute; a wild joyride reminiscent of the Japanese Burning Spirits bands alongside Cleveland’s infamous ‘90s hardcore scene. Meandering hallucinogenic badness meanwhile emanates from "Gedankenfleisch", "Forces At Work" and "L.O.W.A.G. II", injecting the record with a terrifying sense of drug paranoia and psychological dissolution bringing to mind STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS, FLIPPER or POISON IDEA. Purportedly undertaken as something of an exorcism, the writing and recording of ‘Beyond The Floor’ was characterized by “pills, meth, booze, weed, DMT, hate, betrayal, fear, love, depression, addiction, denial and broken bones”.


Total scorcher. If you ever put on a record and had a hard time deciphering what you were may revisit that feeling with this one. Reminds me of 90's Converge. Unhinged vocals really do wonders for an album...and the bloke singing on here sounds like he's tied to an outta control ferris wheel and gargling motor oil. It has that "This would be insane live" vibe. Real burner hardcore.