Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome
Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome
Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome

Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome

Fred Lane

Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

AT LAST! Reissued by Goner Records! Fred Lane - Car Radio Jerome and From the One That Cut You... epic oddball classics YOU NEED IN YOUR COLLECTION! They swing! They swill! They Swan Dive into cement! They are beautiful and eternal.

Originally released on Say-De-Bew and Shimmy Disc Records, these releases and the artist himself have been shrouded in mystery, a mystery that is intriguingly revealed in the Icepick To the Moon DVD (available via Goner as well!)

Release Date March 18

More on Fred Lane by Andria Lisle here!

But to the matter at hand: CAR RADIO JEROME!
Nine dark and twisted surrealistic Jazz tracks sure to make your head twist right off.

Side One:
White Woman
Car Radio Jerome
Dial "O" for Bigelow
Dondi Must Die

Side Two:
Upper Lip of a Nostril Man
The Man with the Foldback Ears
The French Toast Man
Hittite Hot Shot
Pneumatic Eyes

Bundle with:

Fred Lane - From The One That Cut You LP!


Fred Lane In Print
Collection of 1970s Fred Lane 1970s pamphlets! "Liquid Basketball, Naked Women Overthrow the Government Quarterly, & Fred Lane Newsletters were xerox copies on letter & legal sized paper distributed minimally & locally between 1974 and 1976."
24 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, full color.

Full-on surrealist / dadaistic attack on Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Amazing, and a must for any half-assed Fred Lane fan. Full-assed ones, too!

And Also
Icepick To The Moon DVD

So much Fred Lane!