GEE TEE - Goodnight Neanderthal LP - White Vinyl Repress

GEE TEE - Goodnight Neanderthal LP - White Vinyl Repress

Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.

New Repress from December 2023 - White Vinyl!

Stars of Gonerfest 17 (online only!) and 2022's Gonerfest 19!

Gee Tee is spazz attack lo-fi punk rock with cheap synths and hooks for days -- the most fun band since the Mummies? Whatever it is - they've got it! 

Goodnight Neanderthal
(I Hate) Driving In The CIty
Grease Rot Chemical
Bad Egg
Within The Walls
Stuck Down
Rock Phone
Cell Damage


Based in Sydney, Australia and lead by the iconic Kel Mason, this band of maniacal rock n roll miscreants has been blowing drooly-punk minds for the past few years with a rash of out-of-print records and ridiculous videos that have bounced around the proper channels of the internet underbelly. A white hot set on the web-only Gonerfest 17 was greeted with cheers of joy, and ultimately re-issued as a cassette and LP. They made it over in full three dimensional form for Gonerfest 19 and a completely unhinged US tour in 2022. Goner is proud to unleash their new album -- "Goodnight Neanderthals" -- ten blasts of the spazzy lo-fi attack you know and love, full of buzzy guitars, cheap synths and earworm hooks that demand to be sung in the shower. Or in your car. Or on your bike. Gee Tee Rules. Get on board or get out of the way.

. Goodnight Neanderthals is now available for pre-order. It comes out March 3 on Urge (Australia) and Goner (Rest of the World).