M.A.Z.E.- II

M.A.Z.E.- II

Verzendkosten worden berekend bij het afrekenen.


More confusing post-everything from Japan!

Rejoice, the most feverish expression from Japan's top group is finally available on vinyl record! Pogo for the people in the back, 9 raucous wave punk songs snaked straight to the dome. True political and societal dissent often postured by today's bands, laid out in cool fashion over smart, tense guitar and bass interplay-- but undeniably fun! Bombs away music, pacing panther through the circus bars music-- Eriko's vocals might remind one of Plastics' Chica Sato, but sung with more deranged intent. Punks slamming to the disco beat. Tatsuya's slick guitar parts chime like bells at the plant, driving the songs like a blistering flash from the sun. Urgent songs by shiny people in the new style, great music for no future. (Ian Teeple)

A1 Zipperback
A2 Spread The Germicide
A3 Human Brain
A4 311
B1 Psycho Eyes
B2 I Just Pay Taxes
B3 Pain In The Gum
B4 Her Smile Is Fake
B5 The Phone