Dynamite Hemorrhage #9

Dynamite Hemorrhage #9


Maybe the only real music fanzine going right now... Excellent thoughts, layout, musical taste... but don't hold that against 'em! Jay Hinman has been laying it down since his Superdope days, and while his tastes have matured somewhat, hopefully yours have, too.

Here's his list of what's in thius issue:

February 2022 issue, a 48-page B&W 9th issue of Dynamite Hemorrhage. Here's what's in it:

- AMERICAN CINEMA IN THE 1970s: A big, non-music deep dive into 70s American film, that endlessly inventive, cinematic two-way mirror that wallowed in societal and personal alienation, criminal malfeasance, sexual malaise, political disillusionment, crumbling marriages, downtrodden cities, labor unrest, paranoia, organized crime and numerous other uplifting 70s hallmarks. Tons of reviews, a couple of essays, a piece on films ABOUT 70s films, and a definitive top 50 list so you can start an argument with our editor.

- BURNT ENVELOPE: Interview with Anthony Pasquerosa, the man coordinating the blitzoid proto-punk antics of "The Eye" and "Jesus" in the Burnt Envelope project. We get to the bottom of what this genius testosterone thug rock is all about.

- KNEELING IN PISS: Columbus, Ohio DIY homespun low-fidelity pop/garage absurdity and one of the best things going right now. We talk about it all with prime mover Alex Mussawir.

- RECORD SHOPPING IN THE 1980s: What was it like to be a music-obsessed teenage idiot in California in the 1980s? Our editor was there, and he paints the scene, with reports from 1981 Berkeley and 1987 Los Angeles.

- MICHAEL FESSIER, JR.: A tribute to the lost Los Angeles writings of a journalist who probably never really got anything approaching his due, but who was as sharp and insightful as Joan Didion was on even her best day. We take a brief look at why.

Plus some record reviews and photos and all sorts of opinions about things.