Dynamite Hemorrhage #10


Maybe the only real music fanzine going right now... Excellent thoughts, layout, musical taste... but don't hold that against 'em! Jay Hinman has been laying it down since his Superdope days, and while his tastes have matured somewhat, hopefully yours have, too.

One thing I have learned from this magazine is how to spell "hemorrhage"!

Here's his list of what's in this issue:

- TAKE IT! fanzine overview: A look at what was probably 1981-1982's finest fanzine, straight out of Boston and created by, among others, Byron Coley, Richard Meltzer, Mick Farren, Gregg Turner, Ira Kaplan, Phil Milstein, Julie Farman, Gerard Cosloy, editor Michael Koenig and more. We go issue by issue to wind back the proverbial hands of time and take ourselves deep into their passions and annoyances and the great underground rock debates of the day.

- CHILDREN MAYBE LATER: Interview with a new trio of San Francisco Bay Area bon vivants with an impressive pedigree and playful meld of loopy Syd Barrett flights of fancy; sparse Young Marble Giants-styled quietness & minor-key New Zealand sub-underground dissonance. Learn what makes them go!

- THE TWILIGHTERS: A phoned interview with Jay White of Texas psych/punk/fuzz face-melters who created that one 45, "Nothing Can Bring Me Down", and no more. What was it like to be barnstorming teen clubs and swimming parties in the mid 1960s and getting exploited by the business for your youth and inexperience? Jay White tells all.

- ONYON: An interview with Leipzig, Germany's raucous, distorted purveyors of a distinct strand of post-punk that’s got a big foot steeped in ragged garage punk, and a smaller one in throbbing, glassy-eyed coldwave.

- MOONLOVE: Lost 1985 college band from Kent, OH who were unearthed this past year with the re-release on LP of their archival tape "May Never Happen", some of the most lovely and captivating Velvet Underground-inspired music of theirs or any other era. We assembled appx. two-thirds of the band to take a look at what went down.

- A SURVEY OF MODERN SOLO GUITARISTS: From Liam Grant to Alex Archibald, from Matthew J. Rolin to Gwenifer Raymond, from Joseph Allred to D.C. Cross to Laurel Premo to Daniel Bachman and beyond. These are the modern solo guitarists we thought it might be worth writing a piece about.

- A TRIP DOWN THE "SMILE" RABBIT HOLE: What happened to the editor when he truly immersed himself in the candy-coated 1966-67 world of Brian Wilson, and how the obsession snowballed, grew wings and took over life as we know it for a couple of months.

- FILM HEMORRHAGE: A column on film to complement the stuff we wrote about in Issue #9 - 1970s film, Eric Rohmer, Sean Baker, film noir and more.

Plus 25+ record reviews and many photos and an untold number of opinions on things.

**Note on overseas (non-US/Canada) shipping - I know it's kind of expensive...it's a larger issue than we've done in a while, and it's $6.18 just in a plain white envelope to ship one....so I guess $5.99 per issue is a small break...? Sorry about that. **