Die Group - Disease Control

Die Group - Disease Control


Always digging these guys... like the Weirdos, just out of time, thudding and thugging through some mid-tempo jams. WIth ERIC BIG ARM Gonerfest star!

Immaculately recorded by Eric!



What if you walked through a mall in 1986 and saw security guards getting beaten up by the cast from Suburbia? You look over and KB Toys is getting looted by a pack of wild children. Orange Julius is gushing out Elevator-Scene-From-The-Shining levels of its classic beverage. Peeking over the second floor rail, you see hordes of bozos are running to the exits as a black Ramcharger plows through the center of the mall, a pack of leather clad circus freaks hanging out with baseball bats and lawn equipment as weapons. Suddenly, you feel someone lifts you from the railing. Fight as you may, you're no match for an Andre the Giant sized version of Dee Dee Ramone. You plummet towards the water fountain below, and POW! You wake up, gasping for air. What a nightmare, right? What sticks with you all day, as you schlup about an arid Los Angeles looking for work, is trying to pinpoint what you were hearing in the dream. The vague sounds of a familiar genre...infectious, brooding punk spilling from the Ramcharger. You can't shake the noise and the circus freaks who loved it. The obsessive thoughts become an illness, keeping you up at night. "Who was that band? What were those lyrics? Why was it so good, but so unfamiliar and, simultaneously, familiar?" Lucky for you, THIS is the only record that scratches that itch. THIS IS DISEASE CONTROL!