Bad Brains - S/T (Remastered)

Bad Brains - S/T (Remastered)


Finally, a seriously high-quality reissue of the best hardcore album ever recorded!! We know you've worn out your dubiously-sourced ROIR sessions album already... time to step it up and crank it up!

"We are ecstatic to finally announce that Org Music has the honor and pleasure to work with the mighty Bad Brains to remaster and reissue their seminal releases via their own Bad Brains Records imprint. It's truly an incredible feeling to see the masters finally coming back to the band. It’s been a long journey, often akin to a treasure hunt, uncovering lost master tapes, unreleased recordings, never before seen photos, and archives from decades past. See below for more information, and head over to to view the entire Bad Brains Records catalog.

"Bad Brains recently regained control of their masters and have launched Bad Brains Records, the new home for all recordings owned and controlled by the band, including the vast majority of their 1980’s output. All releases are being restored and remastered with care by Dave Gardner of Infrasonic Mastering, with production overseen by Org Music.

"With the help of the band, Org Music and Dave Gardner spent over a year tracking down the best possible audio sources for each title, including many original tapes that were previously thought to be lost for good. Each title will receive a standard (black) vinyl release and limited edition color vinyl release, with many also available on CD and cassette. More titles will be added to the series as Bad Brains regains control of additional masters."