Fred Lane Collection

Celebrate the true American genius of the Reverend Fred Lane!

Goner has reissued his original two LPs on black and colored vinyl!

Also we have compiled an assortment of Fred Lane's periodicals from 1972-1974- scarcely distributed, and  very very cool!

Mutant Dada / Surrealist jazz from Tuscaloosa in the early 1970s... out of the Raudelunas collective which included LaDonna Smith and the late Davey Williams. Originally self-produced, these were released by New York City's Shimmy Disc label in the mid-1990s but quickly.

More on Fred Lane by Andria Lisle here!

Listen to New Orleans great Troubled Men podcast with Fred Lane here!
Listen to another great interview with the Reverend Fred Lane from The Exile Hour podcast here!
A very fun, confusing/ intellectual discussion including Fred Lane & Raudelunas from someone who was there- is here!


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