Pitchfork: 16 Indie Stores You Can Support Online- INCLUDES GONER!

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Includes Goner, Euclid, Academy, Captured Tracks, Twist & Shout and more! Shout out to Evan Minsker for the mention.


I’ve had so many quarantine dreams where I visit my favorite record stores, rifle around the new releases, and leave without buying anything—and then I wake up profoundly sad. There’s no replacement for flipping through the stacks in Peoples Records in Detroit or Encore Records in Ann Arbor or Dusty Groove in Chicago. The webstore of Memphis’ iconic punk nexus Goner Records at least approximates the experience of being there in real life: Cue one of their playlists while sifting through piles of garage-punk singles and obscure Memphis soul 45s. Throw some Goner merch in the cart while you’re at it. Owners Eric Friedl and Zac Ives built something special down there, so keep it going by purchasing something loud. –Evan Minsker

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