GonerTV Presents Tyler Keith Friday July 24 8PM CST

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Goner TV announces its first official “episode!” The pride of Oxford, MS, Tyler Keith (Neckbones, Preacher’s Kids) will be performing live in-store on July 24 at 8pm promoting his new LP The Last Drag on Memphis' Black & Wyatt Records.  Goner will beam it out as a live stream across the internet. Fans will have the chance to pre-order signed copies online from the online Goner store and get a shout out from Tyler at the show. Also on the program - a check-in from the Dixie Dicks and a recently unearthed live performance from Rev. John Wilkins.

Goner also promises an array of other visual delights: more check-ins from friends across the planet, clips from the Goner Archive, and more musical mayhem from Memphis with your hosts Eric and Zac from Goner Records. 

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