Velvet Underground - Scepter Studio Sessions

Velvet Underground - Scepter Studio Sessions

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The rare April 1966 Scepter Studios recordings captured on acetate featuring early, alternate versions of songs later issued on The Velvet underground & Nico available now!

Norman Dolph's original acetate recording of the Scepter Studios material contains several recordings that would make it onto the final album, though many are different mixes of those recordings and three are different takes entirely. The acetate was cut on April 25, 1966, shortly after the recording sessions.

It would resurface decades later when it was bought by a collector of Montreal, Canada in 2002 at a flea market in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City for a few coins. It was then sold on E-Bay from that collector for over $25k.

Although ten songs were recorded during the Scepter sessions, only nine appear on the acetate cut. Dolph recalls "There She Goes Again" being the missing song (and, indeed, the version of "There She Goes Again" that appears on the final LP is attributed to the Scepter Studios session).

This recording represents the first studio session of The Velvet Underground at Scepter Studios in New York City during April 1966, these tracks represent the original versions of such legendary songs as Heroin, Venus In Furs and Waiting For The Man, before they were re-recorded at TTG Studios in Los Angeles and remixed for release on Verve in 1967 as The Velvet Underground And Nico.

Side A:

1. European Son 

2. The Black Angel's Death Song

3. All Tomorrow's Parties

4. I'll Be Your Mirror

Side B:

1. Heroin

2. Femme Fatale

3. Venus in Furs

4. I'm Waiting For the Man

5. Run Run Run