V/A Sweet Time Compilation 2XLP
V/A Sweet Time Compilation 2XLP

V/A Sweet Time Compilation 2XLP

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From all around mover and great guy RYAN SWEENEY comes this double lp, a new way to lose money since he couldn't lose it on his GREAT festival he's been doing in Nashville! True Sons Of Thunder were scheduled to do it... shoulda got a track on here but NOOOOO. Instead you get a bunch of REAL good, REAL BANDS, lots of hope for NASHVILLE from these great bands here but also Austin, Australia, Chicago, Puerto Rico and beyond! 

A great chunk of the unpretentious weirdo / punk / garage / synthy scene going on right now!



With the global pandemic wiping out all responsible in-your-face live music for 2020, we obviously weren't able to do our annual fest. In response to that, we decided to gather up a bunch of our favorite bands and put together this rock n roll compilation!

**To do our part in making up for all those lost PBR sales during what would've been SXST3, all payments over the set minimum on physical sales and all proceeds from digital sales of the comp will be distributed evenly to Duke's, The 5 Spot, and Drkmttr to help them through this. If we were in normal times, chances are these are the venues that would've hosted SXST3. They have been there for me since the beginning and it's my turn to give back!**

1. Love Collector - No Talent Half Wit with ROB YAZZIE!
2. Daddy Sisters - (When I Grow Up) I Wanna Be A Girl
3. Midnite Snaxxx - 12 O'Clock  MIDNITE SNAXXXXXXX!
4. Primary Sound - Scorpion
5. Lifters - Trust Exercise
6. Mononegatives - I Don't Care If I Kill
7. Nightcreature - Magic Touch
8. Personality Cult - Pressure Point
9. Zoids - Ram Hell
10. Schizos - Don't Wanna Be Ugly  SCHIZOS ARE PUNK
11. NightFreak - I'll Show You Heaven
12. Snooper - Pod 01:44 SNOOPER!
13. Spodee Boy - House of God SPODEE BOY!
14. DD Island - Future Days
15. Johnny Otis Dávila - Pequeña Muerte
16. Jeremy & The Clones - Telepathetic
17. Fixed Faces - Get Tough
18. Sick Bags - Boys I Used To Date
19. Zodiac Panthers - Nothing Lasts Forever
20. Night Talkers - On The Fence
21. The Ar-Kaics - Outsider
22. Thee Fine Lines - Lose Control
23. Fresh Graves - Evil Knievel
24. Ladrones - Saico
25. Modern Convenience - Evil Man
26. Brower - Two Thousand Twenty New Tanks