V/A Ende Vom Lied - East German Underground Sound 1979 - 1990

V/A Ende Vom Lied - East German Underground Sound 1979 - 1990

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If you've read or are reading BURNING DOWN THE HAUS, here's a collection that can help soundtrack that great book...

Ende Vom Lied is a genre-spanning collection of punk, post-punk and avant-garde bands from the former East Germany, chronicling the work of free spirits pitted against government restraints and implied genre limitations. The underground scene in the German Democratic Republic was a hydra, a noisy mix of musicians, poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, punks and freaks. In the immediate aftermath of the primal scream that was punk, music often bred with poetry or painting in short-lived liaisons or enduring collaborations to produce a new generation of bastard genres. With the lines blurring between forms, a search for new shapes began. In the German Democratic Republic, this search constituted a tightrope walk, a dance for expression between subculture and a dictatorship. In German, Ende Vom Lied literally translates to "The end of the song", but is more commonly understood as a saying roughly meaning "The upshot", "The end of the story" or simply "The end". Ende Vom Lied features: Ornament & Verbrechen, Grabnoct, L'Attentat, Der Schwarze Kanal, 3tot, Der Demokratische Konsum, T42, Happy Straps, Planlos, Sendeschluß, Zwitschermaschine, Aufruhr Zur Liebe, Andreas Auslauf, Rosa Extra, AG Geige, The Local Moon, Fett, Herbst In Peking, Magdalene Keibel Combo, BAADER, Klick & Aus, Der Expander Des Fortschritts and Pffft....

Ornament & Verbrechen When I Am I Am Not 3:06
Grabnoct Töten Und Fressen 1:38
L'Attentat (3) Linke Ecke, Rechte Ecke 2:50
Der Schwarze Kanal (4) Spiel Mit 1:45
3Tot Hintere Gedanken 2:02
Der Demokratische Konsum Sturm Im Gepäck 4:37
Planlos (2) Smog Und Ruß 2:04
Zwitschermaschine Geh Übern Fluß 2:24
T42 (5) Dreamer 3:18
Happy Straps Live In Paradise 3:08
Sendeschluß Deine Liebe 1:32
Aufruhr Zur Liebe Mit'm Bock Auf Nichts 2:58
Andrea's Auslauf Zivilisation 2:30
Rosa Extra Was Mir Deine Schleuder Ist Dir Meine Waschmaschine 4:10
Baader* Ceaucescu Meiner Seele! 1:20
AG Geige Fingerwalze 3:00
The Local Moon Kingdom Comes 4:38
Das Problem (3) What's Happen? 4:17
Fett Rifflied 1:52
Herbst In Peking Parade 3:26
Neuntage Alt* Tidal Wave 3:54
Klick & Aus Systeme Rasten Ein, Ich Raste Aus! 1:36
Der Expander Des Fortschritts Fremdgehen Durchs Land 5:44
Magdalene Keibel Combo Stahl Daab 2:00
Die Frechheit Abschied 6:50
Ornament & Verbrechen Keilter Schwaß 1:18
Pffft... Prenzelking 2:43