Swansea Sound - Live At The Rum Puncheon

Swansea Sound - Live At The Rum Puncheon

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Do we love the Pooh Sticks? YES WE DO.
Is this the Pooh Sticks? Nah, but if it's got Hue and Amelia in there, I'll bite.
Super Sugar for The Soul!

Label says:

What do you do when the world shuts down? If you’re veterans of the indie pop scene, you form a band… accidentally! Huw Williams (The Pooh Sticks) and former collaborator Amelia Fletcher (Heavenly, Catenary Wires) are proud to present Swansea Sound. “At the start of lockdown, we were all quite bored and all had time on our hands,” says Swansea Sound guitarist Rob Pursey (Heavenly, Catenary Wires).

“I had written a song that was too fast and punky for me and Amelia’s other band, The Catenary Wires, and I thought Huw might like it. He did, so he sang the vocal part on a cupboard in his house in Wales, sent the vocals back, and we mixed it. That song, “Angry Girl,” is on the album. With it, we realized we could record without meeting up—Huw’s cupboard sounds good—and “Corporate Indie Band” came next. We released the two as a limited edition cassette single. To our surprise, it got played on the radio quite a lot. We realized then that we’d accidentally started a new band,” laughs Pursey. To that end, we’re pleased to present you with Swansea Sound’s debut album, Live At The Rum Puncheon.

Fans of the duo’s previous collaboration may well remember the band’s humorous, sardonic, lyrics that often offered commentary of the contemporaneous indie-pop scene. Thankfully, nothing’s changed; Live At The Rum Puncheon is chockablock with the same witty and biting lyrical content fans fell in love with many moons ago.