RNA Organism - Unaffected Mixes 2XLP

RNA Organism - Unaffected Mixes 2XLP

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Japanese experimental group, from legendary Vanity label!

Nice write up from Discogs:

One of the most important releases of 2021 to put it country simple and definitely one of the most spookily prescient, given what a 'R.N.A. Organism' now signifies in the genetically modified vaccinated world we all find ourselves in.
Japan's key post-punk/electronic multiplier, Kaoru Sato and assorted numerical friends created an entire 'alternative' version of their legendary 1980 album R.N.A.O Meets P.O.P.O.
Vanity Records allegedly rejected this version as too experimental and went with the album version we all love and sideways skank to. In the meantime, a cassette with the 'alternative' version languished unplayed for forty years until it was 'rediscovered' as part of the project to reissue the entire Vanity Records catalogue that took shape over the last couple of years with a number of box sets and stand alone releases.

As for the music - it's comparable to first hearing the 70s music of Bernard Fevre/Black Devil Disco Club, selected Conrad Schnitzler from the same period or even Charanjit Singh's Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat from 1983.
There is a cognitive dissonance and you just can't bring yourself to fully believe this music was made when it was made (in this case circa 1979/1980).
What doesn't the help matters is the 'unlikely' backstory of 'single C-90 languishes in attic for decades until its rediscovery in 2020'.
Yet stranger things do happen and personally the entire story does seem real and not one of those tedious fake believe artefacts like the 2013 'Secret Cosmic Music Of The East German Olympic Program 1972-83' complete with spurious backstory.
Obviously without speaking Japanese, it's just the text on the vinyl and CD I have to go on (along with the music obviously) and I'll wait for those more knowledgeable in regards its authenticity, but my gut tells me this is the real deal and I would urge everyone to get the double vinyl and CD as it's a limited press (I don't have a deck at the moment but I still jumped on the vinyl) because as the word spreads, this is going to be one of the most important artefacts to emerge out of the visionary milieu of Vanity Records and as every bit as important as the Sympathy Nervous album and the second Tolerance album from that label.

A1 Marcia su Roma
A2 Substance Came from You (Singular)
A3 After Post
A4 Bring es zu Nichts
A5 Geuliseudo Seongtanjeol
B1 African Development of Mutation
B2 Pravda Diletant
B3 Matrixing Contagion
C1 Vor 22
C2 Substance Came from You (Plural)
C3 Post Later
C4 Naughty Astronaut
D1 Nativita e Presepi
D2 Codice sur Africa
D3 I Dilettanti
D4 Matriks Berjangkit