Neos - Fight With Donald

Neos - Fight With Donald

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Victoria’s pioneers of hyperactive speed-punk, critically acclaimed as one of the very first of their kind. As lead-up to our soon to be released “Three Teens Hellbent On Speed” discography LP, Supreme Echo presents this 25th anniversary reissue from the original John Golden stampers. Blistering fast, raw and wild Canadian hardcore insanity recorded 1982-83. 18 songs, including “Sleeve” which is the only recording to reappear on their upcoming LP, maintaining this EP as a rather unique collection. Housed in its original multi-panel fold-over cover which folds out into a 14” x 21” collage poster. SE38.

Will there be a digital download of the full EP? Maybe, maybe not! Only time will tell. We also plan (weight permitting), to offer this EP at a combo price with our upcoming Neos "The Teens Hellbent On Speed" 12" LP... so if you want the better deal, just wait while we check the final product weight. SE38

A1 No Tyme 4 Romance
A2 Conscripts
A3 Just Like All The Rest
A4 Racist Act
A5 Oppostion To All Violence, Even If Commited In Self-Defense
A6 Ripped Off
A7 Destruct
A8 Typical... Song
A9 Don't Want To Be
B1 Sleeve
B2 Die For The Cause
B3 Sexual Revolution
B4 Other World
B5 School Punks
B6 Where Did You Go Wrong???
B7 Churchgoers Motive
B8 They'll Destroy Themselves
B9 Fight With Donald (9/28/80)