Neil Hamburger - Seasonal Depression Suite

Neil Hamburger - Seasonal Depression Suite

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Neil Hamburger presents a new work from the songwriting team of Gregg Turkington and Erik PaparozziSeasonal Depression Suite is an album-based musical, sung by an all-star cast whose voices embody various guests stuck in a perfectly average chain-hotel, wallowing in self-pity and paranoia, re-living personal catastrophes both real and imagined, or simply trying to use the hotel vending machine. Expert music played by an all-star band, to boot!


  1. You Have Arrived :50

  2. Here Comes the Season Again (vocals: Neil Finn) 2:22

  3. My Calendar Lied (vocals: Neil Hamburger) 3:45

  4. It Felt Like A Dream (vocals: Annabella Lwin) 2:25

  5. Maids Can't Mop Up Memories (vocals: Puddles Pity Party) 4:18

  6. Coming Apart at the Seams (vocals: Neil Hamburger) 2:18

  7. I Passed It By (vocals: Erik Paparozzi) 2:38

  8. Security Guard (vocals: Alan Bishop) 1:41

  9. Screen Time (vocals: Neil Hamburger) 1:27

  10. Cats and Dogs (vocals: Miranda Paparozzi) 1:23

  11. Sleeping For Free (vocals: Neil Hamburger with A.J. Lambert) 3:21

  12. The March (vocals: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) 3:25

  13. If This Long Season (vocals: Neil. Hamburger) 3:07

  14. Check Out Time is 11 A.M. (vocals: Natalie Peyser & J.P. Hasson) 3:12

  15. Sugar Packets (vocals: Neil Hamburger) :45