BMX Bandits - C86 LP RSD

BMX Bandits - C86 LP RSD

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Limited RSD UK version

"If I could be in any other band, it would be BMX Bandits" -- Kurt Cobain

Surprisingly not available on vinyl since it's release in 1990, this debut LP from the BMX Bandits features Norman Blake, and Francis MacDonald of Teenage Fanclub, with 6 Blake songs co-written with Duglas Stewart and 1 on his own, recorded around the same time as TFC's 'A Catholic Education'.BMX Bandits were formed in 1985 by songwriter and lead vocalist Duglas T Stewart out of the ashes of The Pretty Flowers, a short-lived group that featured Stewart alongside Frances McKee (The Vaselines), Sean Dickson (The Soup Dragons) and Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub).Starting with the exuberant E102 in 1986, BMX Bandits released a series of singles on Stephen Pastels' 53rd & 3rd label, where they were label mates with The Vaselines and Beat Happening.Later they joined Alan McGee's Creation Records.BMX Bandits released three albums on Creation.

SIDE ONE 1.Right Across The Street (Duglas & Norman) 3:35 2.Top Shop Girl (Duglas & Norman 2:13 3.Rimbaud And Me (Duglas & Francis) 3:24 4.Yo Yo Song (1969) (Unknown) 0:17 5.Disco Girl (Duglas & Norman 2:49 6.Disco Daze & Disco Knights (BMX Bandits) 0:35 7.Your Class (Duglas) 2.33 8.Disco Girl II(Duglas & Norman) 2.05 SIDE TWO 1.Whirlpool (Duglas & Francis) 3:53 2.C86 (Francis & John) 1:56 3.On Somedays (Duglas) 1:51 4.But Tonight (Duglas, Francis & Norman) 3:41 5.Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide (Norman) 2:30 6.Heaven's Daughter (Duglas & Norman) 3:29