Bloodshot Bill - Psyche-O-Billy
Bloodshot Bill - Psyche-O-Billy
Bloodshot Bill - Psyche-O-Billy

Bloodshot Bill - Psyche-O-Billy

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The heir to Charlie Feathers true Rockabilly throne returns!
None weirder, none better than Bloodshot Bill!


From his first self-released album in 2001, through sixteen more, over thirty singles, and collaborations with the likes of King Khan, Mark Sultan, Jon Spencer, Deke Dickerson, and the’s, Bloodshot Bill has parlayed his unique blend of rockabilly, R&B and garage rock into feverishly prolific productions that tap into the very roots of mutant rock’n’roll. As his reputation has grown, Bloodshot Bill has been deemed a rockabilly wildman, a primitive, a seminal punk, a throwback to the wild ‘50s, and the deranged spirit of psychobilly madness. His latest album, Psyche-o-Billy, which will be released on Goner Records on November 24, 2023, exudes raw energy and authenticity via a frenzied, stripped down soundscape that defies all rules and descriptions.

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic and recorded at Bloodshot Bill’s home studio in Montréal, Québec, Psyche-o-Billy is equal parts joyous, moody, plaintive, searching, and deeply steeped in that old weird America documented via the otherworldly tunes captured on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music. “My music is for weirdos,” Bloodshot Bill confirms. “I want ‘em to feel good...or bad… Whatever way they wanna feel!”

Lead single “Sorry” is the perfect example of a boundary-pusher. Raw, sinister guitar riffs set an ominous tone; depraved vocals are muttered more than sung. A macabre backdrop of mental ward mumblings juxtapose against drums that eerily thump and slide. This is the soundtrack to a prairie nightmare--but somehow it all coalesces into a darkly beautiful song.

Throughout the fourteen songs that comprise Psyche-o-Billy, Bloodshot Bill stutters, yodels, hoots, howls, hiccups, cackles, strums, drums, and sings with the trademarked unflinching conviction that netted him the 2020 Ameripolitan Rockabilly Male of the Year trophy.

“I’m just expanding the vocabulary of roots rock,” Bloodshot Bill says of the creative process that led to Psyche-o-Billy. “I created it like I always do… just writing songs and recording them as they come.”

You can pre-order the album on limited opaque gray vinyl now from Goner direct, or wait until it hits stores on classic black vinyl on November 24th, 2023.