Billups Allen - Cramhole #5: The Curse of Khunum

Billups Allen - Cramhole #5: The Curse of Khunum

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Number five contains one short story with illustrations.

Cramhole 5: The Curse of Khunum is the story of some friends who accidentally summon an ancient Egyptian god who terrorozes Washington D.C. with an army of makeshift mummies at his command. This army of the dead is provoked by the rediscovery of an ancient and long lost strain of marijuana. The plant thrives, and the army grows.   


Cramhole is a zine about retail work, horror movies, and some fiction written by Goner clerk Billups Allen. Cramhole includes pop culture articles, fiction, and comics.

Billups Allen spent his formative years in and around the Washington D.C. punk scene. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a creative writing major and a film minor. He has worked in seven different record stores around the country and currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee where he works for Goner Records, publishes Cramhole zine, contributes music and movie writing regularly to Razorcake, Ugly Things, and Lunchmeat magazines, and writes fiction. (,