Yeah! We just brought in 5000+ 60s 45s, mostly SOUL but also Gospel, Blues, and some Jazz! Sorry Rockers! Well, wait! Some Duane Eddy and Bo Diddley snuck in there! YEAH! Mostly 45s but some LPs, too.

These came out of a shop in Chicago that have been in storage for almost half a century!

Watch for these to come out for sale in the next few days / months!
Goner Discogs is here... some will go to ebay... some on the Goner cart!
We'll have super-high end stuff but tons of great affordable records that you just don't see- and will fit perfectly in your collection. Or start your collection now!

In general these are around VG+ condition, many higher, a few lower - in general they showed up sleeved but dusty, and virtually unplayed, they have been cleaned and are ready to rock!

You have FIRST DIBS on these- they might be on the floor at the Goner Shop, but not on Discogs yet!

We're really trying to figure out how to process these, so hold on!

Are you interested in anything you see? Shoot me an email here and we'll see if we can get you what you need, we'll get you a total with shipping.

No guarantees they are still here... we'll update page as they sell.

Combine with an order from the CART and save on shipping!